We have Defined the World by Language

We have defined the world by language with no understanding of how to sustain our existence, let alone think about eternity. In our English language we use the word “life” to describe our existence in the earth. What is the definition of this word? According to Merriam-Webster there are two entries, one as a noun and one as an adjective. The noun form of the word life has twenty-eight definitions in which this word life can be described and used. As an adjective is has simply four different definitions that we use in our language. https://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/life

God is Love
Understanding the Love of our Father

The etymology of the word describes the idea of the period between birth and death. I could go on about the nature of the etymology including the verb “live”. Sufficient is the fact that we debate and discuss endlessly the philosophical aspects of what we call “life”. If you are interested in reading the etymology click on the link below.


Dialects and Language

Mankind does not accept the Babel narrative concerning language or why we have so many different tongues that culturally define existence within different countries; moreover, the sub dialects that are spoken within broader cultures, including our own United States. Dialects are spoken, but language is understood, and it is the language that defines the cultural context of how we speak to one another.

objective concept
We have defined the world by language that is subjective

We can understand this even within the “Christian” world. We have dialects that define the cultural context of the denomination that defines the language of our “Christianity”. Just as Catholicism is defined differently in Europe than in the United States. This can be said for Baptists throughout the world, all you need to do is google Baptist denominations and go to Wikipedia and you will see the break-down of the denomination. “Mind Blowing”!!

Whenever I think or study this subject concerning language, I am always taken back to Babel and the account of Nimrod. Language and Speech are powerful tools and they are powerful opponents. We speak of having “LIFE”! It is interesting to me that from the time of our birth we are decaying back to the dust in which we were created from, yet we define this as “life”!

Language and Creation

Jesus said that he came to give us “life”, and in abundance! (John 10:10) It is said that the Father created by the word of his mouth. How have we lost this language and we have replaced this understanding with our own language to define our existence? We have even gone so far as to use our own language to define the being of the Father. Which has left us with the inability to relate to the being in whose image and likeness we were created.

Two Paths
Standing at the choice of existence

The universal language of “Christianity” defines our Father as unrelatable and incomprehensible. Yet, Jesus himself says that if you have seen me you have seen the Father (John 14:9)! We have defined this by our own language and left mingling within the mystery of an unknown existence. We are still asking the same question as Philip. How long has Jesus been sitting at the right hand of our Father, and yet we still don’t know Jesus or the Father in a relatable existence that defines us as having “life”!

We define ourselves as sinners under grace, saved, forgiven, but very seldom does anyone refer to our existence as a new creature, born from above, because of repentance, and reconciling with the Father through Jesus Christ to be made perfect. We have so many dialects in the world, and we continue to miss the mark because we will not hear the language of creation through the words of Jesus Christ who came preaching REPENT! The Kingdom of heaven is at hand.

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