Why Does Man Sin?

Why does man sin? This seems a simple question since we have the bible and teaching after teaching since the time that Jesus walked the Earth. Why is it that so many of us struggle with this very simple question today? Much of the Protestant world has followed Calvin down the path that we cannot help ourselves and simply too degenerate not to sin. The rest struggles with making atonement and penance wondering if we have sinned our way out of the kingdom.

How Does this mindset change?

How does this mindset change? Nobody wants to talk about that, because these are the two accepted concepts of Christian thinking, yet diametrically opposed. But we all talk about ONE WAY? This isn’t a question of being religious or not being religious, it is about knowing what we were created to BE!

Our doctrines full of mysterious theology leaves the person confused and searching for a faith built not on knowledge but mythology. However, I have grown up in a household built by the faith in Jesus, and I have seen the results of faith in healing, guidance, and radical change in the lives of the lost. But this faith is not mystical, it is an understanding that we are convinced that Jesus is Lord and the man that was sent into the world to BE the example of the way, the truth, and the life.

Our Problem is the Transgression

Mankind has always wanted to be excused from our sin without the repentance from rebellion (transgression). Therefore the reason mankind struggles with sin is not because he is so depraved, he cannot do anything else. It is not because he must continually atone and pay penance for acts that we never seem to be able to change. Our problem is the transgression, which causes sin and iniquity, or what we would truly translate in English, missing the mark, and the perversion of our existence.

Transgression is the current state of the minds of men, the idea that the image and likeness of our Creator (Father) is no longer what we choose to BE! Therefore, continual perversion of our way of life that include politics, economics, and religion, that determine the social structure of existence that has no foundation. Can a person who abides by the rule of law, morality, and basically behave in what we would call decent society, live in transgression?

We have created so many layers on top of this question that nobody seems to know or wants to talk about this subject, and yet we continue to struggle day after day with our identity. Therefore we continue to ask the question, why does man sin?

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