What Defines Maturity?

What defines the maturity that we are to attain in life? Is the truth not plain enough for us? We have all suffered at times in our struggle to break free from sin and death. Searching for the understanding of truth in creation. It’s called growing up! Many of us remember what it was like to go through the emotional stages of puberty. YES! This includes us men, just ask your mother. Does one reach maturity simply by a specific age? We don’t seem to be able to answer this question in what we would call our earthly lives, then how do we understand the maturity of our existence in Christ?

Putting away childish things!

Paul wrote in his letter to the believers in Corinth that at one point he spoke like a child, thought and acted like a child. When he became a man, he put away childish things. (1 Cor. 13:11-12) What is it to have childish thoughts? Do I have the vocabulary to speak with adults? How does one mature and come to the perfection that is the Father through Christ Jesus? In order for us to begin to understand these principles, it will take paradigm shift in our constructs that we have created in “Christianity”!

There will be those who simply turn their face from seeing, and their ears from hearing what will be written here. When we begin to strip away the sacred cows (doctrines & rituals) that have been set in place by “Christianity”, it is just difficult for most people to engage. I don’t think it is because people are uninterested. It is because of the terror that is created by the “Church”, no matter the denomination.

Terrorized into believing

We have been terrorized into much of what we believe, because if you do not believe this way you will spend your life in purgatory or hell, depending upon your denomination. On the other hand we have John Calvin to thank for the complacency of much of the Protestant congregation, dictated by their belief in the fact that they were chosen, and we will do as much good as we can. After all we are only human and we cannot help ourselves, and I have this spirit of Jesus that lives in me that makes me a chosen child of God.

Where does maturity come from and how do we set our face to becoming mature in our walk with Christ? This word perfection is one of the most terrifying concepts within “Christianity”. What does it mean? How in the world can somebody be without flaw or fully complete? What does the Father consider a flaw? This is a question that does not get asked much, simply because we have defined sin within the standards of “Christianity”. There are the seven deadly sins, lust, gluttony, greed, sloth, wrath, envy, and pride. I have never read this list in the Old or New Testaments.

What is the Mark?

To be sure a person of such character would be someone to avoid in relationship. But, is this sin or a consequence of sin? I believe this is the better question and thought. If we are going to look at this through the lens of a mature adult not being in terror of judgement for asking a question. The understanding of the word sin, from the bible, defined simply as “missing the mark”. Which most people today, understand that this is the meaning of the word. The first question should be, what is the mark?

Crisis of Identity
We are like faceless people never understanding the Crisis of Identity

We have spent more time defining sin by our own standards. Therefore, we have cultivated a world of terror around this concept of what we call “evil doers”. But nobody talks much about what to do and if we have all these things we are not supposed to do, what is this “MARK” that Paul talked about? (Php 3:14) What is this “PERFECTION” that Jesus states in his sermon on the mount? (Mat. 5:48) I believe we have spent so much time talking about the imperfections and immaturity of mankind that we don’t have a clue what maturity and perfection should be! Or that it can be attained.

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