Vain Philosophy

What God allows in the earth is the subject of much debate, and I call it debate because the concepts behind the philosophy are as vain as when Paul wrote about it in his day. (Col. 2:8) There have always been people debating about what is and what is not from the Lord. We get caught up in these endless debates and the preaching of the good news is left wanting. We set out to prove the existence of the “Christian” God through our philosophical and theological expositions and it has carried us into a deluded idea of good and evil. We could endlessly debate what it means to believe in God, but the fact remains that our concepts of deity tend toward the ethereal and mythical. We have lost the person of Jesus to these conceptual ideas and the tangible relationship to this man are very difficult for us to conceive. We have separated knowledge, reason, and understanding, into two classifications, ethereal and philosophical, but neither of them hold the value of the truth in the reality of existence that brings us to see the kingdom of heaven. We do not talk about repentance or what it means to be born again, both of which were at the center of the language that Jesus presented to the Hebrews when he began his ministry. How do we understand justification, faith, and love, if the language no longer carries the meaning set in existence created by the Father, and manifested in Jesus? The manifestation of the image and likeness of the Father in mankind is not found in the theological, philosophical, or mythical language of mankind that have created religion in the world as to define our conception of deity. It is only known through repentance by the renewing of the mind so that we can be taught what it means to exist by the language of creation. The seduction of the knowledge of good and evil has continued to delude the minds of men into believing we can continue to define our existence, including the idea that we can personify the Creator as we have fashioned. 


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