Traditions or Truth

Traditions or Truth?

As we continue to consider the knowledge of good and evil, along with perception as it pertains to truth, we must look at the winter season. The ancient world celebrated this solstice that we call Christmas in several different ways that have nothing to do with the birth of Jesus. There is also the issue of the biblical account of his birth, according to the truth of the narrative, not giving a date. Probably for this reason, we worship the day more than we care about why he was born into the world. In the scope of the ministry of Jesus, the day he was born was truly irrelevant. The fact that he was born is the reality of the life that the Father wanted to bring into the world for the work of salvation. My point! Does truth really matter, and would we rather share in the pollution than simply understand that Jesus’s life was not a reflection of mythical or magical figures? Festival after festival we seem to walk farther away from the truth of the good news and the pollution grows. Today we put up nativity scenes in our yards with Santa Claus stopping off to give baby Jesus gifts. We wonder why people walk away from Christianity and don’t want to believe that Jesus is the truth of life. We have turned our faith into any other mythical religion or folklore by creating the festival and we allow it to dictate our idea of truth. Why do we as believers talk to our kids about Santa Claus at all, he is a myth, a legend, yet we continue to sit him next to Jesus. Everybody loves to argue about keeping the “Christ” in Christmas, but I would argue that he was never there in the first place. Why is it that we are so much like everyone else in the world, and would rather keep our traditions over the truth?



What tree are we eating from?

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