The Tolerant

The Tolerant! Christians use the word “sin” and “sinner” more than the word love or repentance. Tolerance is screamed at the Christian with all the love in the form of being call haters, bigots, Nazis, and any other derogatory language that can be formed. Why is the world so imbalanced and full of perversity in both the secular and religious communities?

Extremes of perversity

The extremes of perversity we see in our society is something that secular and religious people will both look on with the same disgust. The problem is that we never see the perversity in what we would call normal or moral society. If you want to use the word properly, there are people in this country who believe that there are those who have perverted the constitution on both sides of the aisle.

We have seen the perversity of mankind since the first man set his mind against the truth. If we consider ourselves a part of decent, moral society, we would never consider our lives to be perverse. The origin of our English word of course goes back to the French, and then to the Latin. We have changed the word to only represent sexual forms of perversion.

Turning away from the truth

But as per usual the tolerant make the extremes fit the definition. While we set ourselves above these things by side stepping the notion that we could be perverting our lives simply by forms of religion that have nothing to do with the truth of Jesus. We read the scriptures that talk about how many people turned away from either Yahweh or Jesus, but don’t understand the depth or scope of what is being said.  In the etymology of this word, to “turn away” is a prominent definition in the word perverse.

Sign post with change and same
The indecision of mankind that takes him down the wrong path.

The perversion of mankind is not simply in the extreme result, but in the first manifestation of the mind, to turn away from the truth, that we were created in the image and likeness of Yahweh. Jesus was sent as the express image of that existence, as Adam was to be!

Rebellion, Perversion, Death

I could be a person that never drinks alcohol, smokes, takes drugs, lies, cheats, or steals, however, I would still be missing the mark if I do not accept the fact that we were created in the image and likeness of Yahweh. In that small idea is the truest rebellion that perverts a person’s existence and sets them on the path toward death.

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