The Search for a Moral Code

The search for a Moral Code. This has been an ongoing process for thousands of years. The social norms that we see in the world today are the result of these pursuits. One society looks at the other with disdain over what they call social norms and the war goes on and on.

Where is World Peace?

Many of us still remember the time of the cold war with two of the biggest social constructs fighting over control of the rest of the world. Today we see that these wars do not have the outcome we thought we would see. Where is the world peace? When will the violence end? The one thing we will conclude is that no one will bend to another’s will by force. A subject may not be a convert.

To subject another to one’s will without the consent of true agreement is folly. Many people sign papers that create treaty’s, but not peace. There is no true peace in the world today because men set to subject the rest of society to their idea of the social norm. Whether or not there is true agreement.

A New Normal?

The search for a moral code by men is futile, because there will always be another who believes there is a better way, a new normal. Century after century we see that same thing, and we believe we are closer to a truth, hoping not to fall off the precipice into nothingness. How do we cross over into a better society? Where is the bridge to understand the nature of existence?

Now, I am not asking questions because there is no answer, or that we have not been given the answer. It is simply, we are not willing to accept the answer that has been given! This has nothing to do with philosophical, secular, or religious, arguments. It is simply a matter of what are we willing to accept as a matter of existence. Jesus did not come into the world to create the Christian religion as many will have you believe.

Seeing the Bridge

Jesus came into the world to show mankind what he was created to be! First to the Jew, now to the Gentile. If anyone does not understand the word gentile, it simply means everyone else that is not a Hebrew.

To be born again, or anew, has never been embraced in its true meaning because we have men trying to subject others to their own ideas of God, Jesus, and the Christian religion. Just as others have done the same in other religions and secular social orders. Jesus did not come to make us subjects, he came to give us life, and the life that is abundant in the Father of creation.

Sons Not Subjects!

If we are in Christ then we are no longer sinners or slaves, but SONS! And we have been given the right to be call Sons, not subjects, because we have accepted the truth of our existence willingly from our Father. The gift is free, but it comes with conditions, just as any other household has conditions, but we are not made subject to these conditions, it is up to us to accept them willingly as a matter of existence in order to receive the reward that is given with the gift of life.

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