The Necessity of a Promise

The necessity of a promise is as apparent today as it has ever been or needed. Men of the world are promising safety while they dictate terms of enslavement. Through Christ we are slaves to no man, nation, or kingdom! In fact, we should rather be as Abraham who had no continuing city and openly confessed to be looking for a city whose builder and maker is Jehovah! Paul wrote in his letters that there is neither Jew nor Greek, free or slave! What do we make of all these things and how do we understand the truth when our language has failed to answer the questions?

Language of Christian Faith is Broken

In our modern day, the language of “Christian” faith is broken, frayed, and splintered into the multiplied thousands of denominations and doctrines that litter the world’s nations. How are we to overcome such a breakdown of communication? When basic terminology such as church, faith, baptism, even life, are lost in the translation of language, what does it mean to hold to the promise? We hold to doctrines, teachings, tenants of faith, denominations, even men! But there was a promise made to a man named Abraham long ago that bears witness to the truth of existence itself. There are many people that do not hold to this thinking and there are many who speak the language of Christianity who hold no understanding of what this means.

When I read the Genesis narrative, I think about how many people who have lived in the earth and have poured through these words. What was the purpose of this narrative? Many thousands of scholars throughout time have believed or thought that the work of the Genesis (or translated from its Hebrew tongue, In The Beginning) was taken from earlier creation myths of the Sumerian and Babylonian kingdoms. Many of the creation stories that fill the earth from the far East to the Middle East have stories of a flood, and a war that brought the flood upon the inhabitants of the earth. I am of the belief that Jehovah needed to correct the inaccuracies of these stories by sharing with Moses what had truly taken place. He had just brought the sons of Jacob out of Egypt and there was a great need to give them the truth.

Abraham and His Remarkable Journey

In the Genesis narrative is found the account of Abraham and his remarkable journey. In this account we find the necessity of a promise due to the nature of mankind. Throughout history one common characteristic defines man and his kind. REBELLION! From the day that the first couple transgressed, or as the word in Hebrew is defined, rebelled*! We have shown and developed this characteristic in every way shape and form. Looking through history there has never been a civilization that has not been made through rebellion or brought down by rebellion. Men cannot and will not keep their word! It is just that simple. How is this mind of rebellion overcome?

Through the necessity of a promise made to a man that could be trusted to do what he was asked. Because Abram was found to be trustworthy, the first thing accomplished was a belief that Jehovah is in fact the ONE creator of all things. If we are unaware of Abraham’s family tree, we should know that Abraham was a direct descendent of Shem son of Noah! The same Shem that Hebrew scholars and sages call Melchizedek, who came out to bless Abram and broke bread with him and Abram gave a tenth of the spoil to Shem. It is well documented that Shem lived to be 600 years old and by all accounts outlived Abraham at 175 years by 32 years. So, Shem would have seen the birth of Isaac and the promise fulfilled. Oh yeah, his promise was to his SEED, meaning ONE as Paul so accurately indicates.

The language of creation itself!

We are always misunderstanding the language of Creation itself! It is not simply a physical seed! But the necessity of a promise was necessary to understand the one true SEED that brings Life from the Father of Lights. Out of death and barrenness Life was produced through the power of our Father’s WORD, which he had given to Abraham. Whom by faith, belief, or as it is defined by the Greek word “pistis, – being fully persuaded or convinced”. Abraham trusted Jehovah and the foundation was laid to restore the relationship of a Father and a Son.              

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