The Law Intended – Spiritual Warfare Part 1

Jesus said he could sum up all the Law and the Prophets in this, “that you love the Lord with all your heart, soul, and spirit, and your neighbor as yourself.

Christianity a Roman-Greco Religion

From the time Jesus sat down at the right hand of the Father, we have been embroiled in war! Not of flesh and blood, but of mind and knowledge. What is classified as spiritual warfare. I believe that I would be within reason to say that this war is not going very well. Throughout the bible we read about men who have asked about wicked men prospering. How do you fight a “spiritual” warfare? I have become increasingly convinced that we do not know. And the methods that we have propagated are formed from a concept of Christianity born from a Roman-Greco context of religion. We are still trying to conquer in the same fashion as Constantine the Great.

Emperor Constantine
Statue of Constantine the Great in York, England

We have failed to wage the war against principalities, against powers, against rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places. RAF Ministries has discussed this issue for some time now, but the issue at hand is the lack of understanding the nature of “spirit”. Believers were dealt a great blow early in the war. One quite frankly we have not quite recovered from. And the TERROR that has been established by this offensive by our common Adversary. Nobody really wants to change the dialogue because of the institutions we have created. From the second century to the beginning of the fourth century our Adversary successfully changed the form of our existence through the Roman-Greco language, and made Jesus into a Roman-Greco god instead of the Hebrew Messiah.

Why does God allow suffering?

Without understanding this principle, we will continue to exist within the language of a Roman-Greco Christianity that will keep us powerless against our enemies. How do we overcome an Adversary that has taken away our power to fight? One of the most discussed topics of our time is, “why does God allow suffering”? and, “why does God allow evil or evil men to succeed”? We have spent an entire generation on this subject and what have we seen? It has borne witness to one the sharpest declines in church membership in the United States, according to a Gallup poll in 2018. We have said for many years that, “Jesus is the answer”! The answer to WHAT!? The United States of America is right now in the throes of a revolution! Not like the one fought in 1776, but one for the minds of the people.

We continue to believe that somehow our government will repent! They might if we were to preach the good news of Jesus the Anointed One. We continue to believe that Donald Trump was appointed by Jesus Christ to lead this nation back to glory! I am not quite sure where that was written or prophesied? There is not a kingdom of this world that has anything to do with Jesus the Anointed One. Have we not read time and again that Jesus said his kingdom is NOT of this world? Western thought, culture and civilization is not the answer to this world’s problems. Western thought, culture and civilization is not the kingdom of heaven! Jesus was not sent into the world to create the religion of Christianity. He was not sent into the world to continue the development of Roman-Greco philosophy under the direction of the spirit of God.      

Secular and Religious ideology

There is also not an Eastern thought, culture or civilization that is the answer to mankind’s problems! Whether that religion is Judaism, Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism, it does not matter! Jesus is not about the cultures and civilizations of men. He is about the nature and culture of his Father in heaven. Until we begin to wage true “spiritual” warfare we are going to continue to face increasing wickedness in every from of secular and religious ideology.

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