The Language of Man

There are so many voices in the world, so how do we understand how to live? One thing that is interesting is the thought that our origin came from a void in space and an explosion from that void. We seem intent on creating ourselves in an image of our own choosing, in the pursuit of immortality. We truly do not know how long the earth or the universe itself has been! But! Is this really the point? The language of mankind engages existence to determine his own origin which will give him the ability to define his own image. Where did we come from, and can we answer that question no matter the source of the origin?

What defines mankind?

The being we call God stands in our modern context as a theological crutch when we cannot define ourselves. Or, as a mythological idea when we cannot explain the universe. Yet, Science and Evolution, Religion and Creation, set in motion the language by which we determine existence. Folk Lore, stories of gods and goddesses, physics and biology, astronomy, chemistry, all derived from what man has discovered about the world around him. Would we ever consider that the universe and the earth were in existence before the Lord made the earth suitable for us to inhabit the planet?

I believe this is one of the issues that holds man in the mind-set of rebellion! We are more concerned about proving our origin of existence that we forget the most important issue at hand! We exist as we were given an image, a likeness, LIFE! Filling the form with the components necessary to function within the physical world is as necessary as having a mind to think and reason. Just as the Father himself carries his own form in the same way with a face and feet, hands and eyes, the origin of our physical and mental capabilities. These are all necessary to be considered a son in knowledge and understanding of the house and its character of conduct.

What is our narrative

The focus of our existence revolves solely on the physical part of our being and filling it with what we have determined to be its character and conduct. We have filled the earth with our idea of existence instead of subduing and replenishing the earth as it was intended by our Father. I have often wondered about the Genesis narrative and why this was given to Moses only after the Exodus from Egypt. Why could the Lord not have given this information sooner? We have accounts of creation dating back further than that of the Torah, so how do we reconcile these questions?

The Genesis narrative clearly states that Jehovah filled the earth (โ€œbaraโ€ in Hebrew). But what the narrative does not state, nor do I believe that Jehovah felt it necessary, was to give a timeline of creation. He simply states that it was evening and morning the day when he spoke to the elements necessary to make the earth inhabitable for mankind. The simple fact is, He does not exist within what we call time, but simply exists as a matter of being. Cyclical motion of being that denotes a complete and whole being defined by ancient truth.

The image and likeness

The narrative we know today in Genesis is not there for the purpose of disputing with science or defining how Jehovah creates in a twenty-four-hour period. It was given to put down a rebellion and give the Hebrews an understanding of the truth of our existence and the image and likeness of our Maker. To make sure mankind from then on would know what is expected of us as bearers of that image and likeness so that we would know with certainty the love of our Father.  

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