The Crisis of Identity is Complex

The crisis of identity is complex in the way mankind sees the issue. Complexity is not what is at the center of understanding this crisis, it is a matter of repentance.

Any Real Foundation for Understanding

Every concept of existence throughout the world deals with this very issue whether the social construct is dominated by a religious form or a secular form. We have no real foundation for understanding how to relate to any concept of existence because identity has no real meaning without an origin.

Crisis of Identity
We are like faceless people never understanding the Crisis of Identity

The foundation is then Creation and Language and how these two things form what is necessary for us to understand how we are to exist.

Defining Love in its true Language

We must define love in its proper language, knowing that love is simply the gift of existence given to us by our Father, and the image and likeness that makes us who we are, and it is not about physical relational context or sexuality. It is simply the knowledge of what we were created to be as people, as a person. (John 1:14) This is why Jesus was sent into the world,

So, if this is true and the person self identifies as a girl, but has all boy parts, is this a birth defect?

A Generation of Self-Identification

We have generation after generation self-identifying and being told this is what we need to do no matter what anyone else tells us including our parents. They identify themselves in one fashion or another and we say this is who we are when we still have no idea why we are on this planet. While much of the world will believe we were created, the debate rages, and the crisis of identity has crippled men’s minds to the truth.

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