Social Construct

We are constantly searching for an answer to the problems that we have created and do not know how to solve. Why? Because a singular social construct and order to base our existence has never been found or agreed upon by men. The more I watch what is happening in the world around me, I believe there is this desperate hope as mankind stands at the precipice.

The Social Constructs

The social construct men have constantly proposed and have set in place throughout history have continued to fail and decay into a controlled chaos. Many of us believe we have an ordered society, but that is simply not the case. It is mostly chaotic, controlled by certain norms that we call a moral standard. What is normal in the United States may not be normal in India. They would be called customs in the past, but this is a word that is not used much in our society.

Chaos to Order
How do we leave the chaos behind?

We are still looking for a moral code that will pacify the chaos, but we suffer with the norms no matter how great a travesty they are. We suffer through the norms of corrupt government, politics, economics, education, and we move on with our existence as corruption is a normal part of our social construct. We are still battling within the Adam Syndrome to define our existence of what is good and what is evil. We are lost in the haze of all these things while we stand at the precipice and we cannot see that Jesus made a way across.

Enjoy Standing at the Precipice

We enjoy standing at that precipice arguing, fighting, being self-righteous and taking up the cause of our moral conscience. Our eyes being blinded to the fact that we are still part of the corruption, and what has kept society in this controlled state of chaos. For instance, our educational system in this country used to be one of the best, if not the best in the world. Education was about seeking after the truth, learning, informing us about the world around us so that we could come to a conclusion about how to be a better part of society.

Standing at the Precipice
Where are We standing?

Today, it has been corrupted and manipulated into a social engineering forum that divides society into the classes of elitism with all the rest sent into the controlled chaos for the purpose of keeping the current infrastructure moving. It is no wonder that we see our young people moving aimlessly through the world, getting a job, getting married then divorced, having a few kids, regret their mistakes, retire and wonder about the meaning of it all.

The Way Across the Precipice

There is a way across the precipice and out of the chaos, but the problem is we want to bring the chaos with us, and this is what we have done in Christianity by creating our own religion. You cannot bring the chaos into the kingdom, it must be abandoned so that we may be born anew, (or from above) into a new and living way. Crossing over from death to life!

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