Sunday Service

Pastor Robert A. French

10:30 AM

1st Wednesday of the Month Bible Study

Associate Pastor Brian French

7:00 PM

Food For Life TV

You can follow our teachings here!

Women of Courage

Women of Courage

Giving is never out of season! We encourage you to check out the WOC Facebook Page for updates and info on how you can get involved. These women meet once a month in the living room of Pam Hansen or LeAnn Werre to discuss topics that women are challenged with in our society. We hope you can join them. Remember to give love, give life, give Jesus!

Fundamental Laws of Balance

Pastor French believes that our life in Christ is founded on four fundamental principles that instruct us on how our lives are brought into balance. Diet, Exercise, Mental Attitude, and Rest are the keys to a sound being and a right mind.

Balanced Living

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