Reimagining What It Means to Be Human

We like to use words and phrases like unprecedented, unmatched in human history, never seen in history. All for reimagining what it means to be human. But is this truly the case? I will tell you that I believe what we are seeing in the world today is simply what led to the flood and the confusion of mankind at Babel. Since then man has been forced to live within the limited parameters of his current image. The rebellion of the being created in the earth we call Adam, which is simply a term for Man in Hebrew and not what we would consider his name, is what we are seeing in the earth today.

The Knowledge of Good and Evil

The current state of religion in every form in the earth, including Christianity, has missed the mark, and fallen into the rebellion. We continue to push the narrative of the knowledge of good and evil and have forsaken the understanding of LIFE! When we as man can determine what is good and defeat the evil. Then we will be able to reimagine our existence and then begin to learn what life is and how to sustain it into perpetuity. Man’s goal today is to cure himself of his mortality and create an image of being that can be sustained eternally.

I will ask you a few questions on this matter to ponder. If mankind is so convinced that death is what makes our existence beautiful why is he so intent on eradicating disease from the planet? Why is he so intent on overcoming aging and learning how to regenerate himself? I would think that many of us have come to know about gene splicing or what is called CRISP-R. The active scientific study of the physical part of our being is moving faster and faster to reimagine our existence and they are not going to stop.

What about Life and Death

There is open conflict in our world right now with factions fighting over ideology. In the end these are simply activities to keep people eating the knowledge of good and evil. If we are fighting the bad guys, we will simply not notice what is happening in the power centers of humankind. In his booklet called “The Genesis Narrative” Robert A. French talks about the nature of what we read concerning the two trees in the Garden of Eden. Our conflict has never been between good and evil! It has been about LIFE and DEATH! Evil is of no consequence if we accept the truth of life and live accordingly. Good then becomes the result of Life itself. The sentence pronounced on mankind was not the duality of good vs evil, on the contrary. Mankind was sentenced to death and he has been hard at work conspiring with the Adversary against our Creator. Working to set himself free from this sentence of death and reimagine his existence outside of the Father’s truth of life.

finding truth in existence
Theological history through a prism!

In essence the battle is to take from Jehovah the life that belongs to him and take it for ourselves, wiping away the sentence and destroying the creator of all things. In our Christian narrative we say of the transgression, that man fell from grace. He did not trip and fall! Adam openly rebelled against his Father in every way, and was unrepentant, continuing in his way of the knowledge of good and evil. The use of the word transgression (meaning revolt or rebel), throughout the Genesis narrative give us an understanding that has brought us to the place we are today. The transgression became so contemptable that Jehovah said he had repented of making man and sent a flood to wipe us from the earth, save Noah and his family. In the apocryphal book of Enoch, we also read that those sons of God who conspired with men to elevate his existence in the earth were removed as well.

Escaping the Rebellion

Jesus Bridge
Can we understand the relationship Jesus has shown us?

Not too long after this flood mankind rose in rebellion again setting himself against the Father to further his own image in the earth and to wage war. Mankind has made his way back around to imagining for himself his own existence. We read in the narrative from Genesis chapter eleven verse six, “And the LORD said, Behold, the people is one, and they have all one language; and this they begin to do: and now nothing will be restrained from them, which they have imagined to do.”  Today’s world has purposed in its mind to bring itself into direct conflict with the one who is the Image of our true existence. Do not be seduced into believing that we are fighting this battle of good and evil. Understand that we only have one decision that will save us from death, his name is Jesus!  

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