Perception of Good & Evil

Perceptions of Good and Evil

I wonder what would be said if someone decided to investigate the history of good and evil? Is there a history of good and evil? How impartial can a person be when looking at history through the prism of his or her own cultural ideology? We have a certain amount of facts and records that have been passed down or dug up in some archeological project, but do we translate and interpret the information from the culture that the information came from? How do we see good and evil if truth has been removed? Knowledge of good and evil can be a difficult concept if we are still searching for the truth of life. Without a foundation to our existence how can one decide who is good and who is evil? Our pursuit for knowledge must have a paradigm shift from good and evil, to truth. We have left truth to the subjective courts of philosophy and psychology and we go about our business of setting up the world into our interpretation of the nature of good and evil, even dictating history through this same prism. Truth is left to the perceptions created by men to move people in a desired direction, and good and evil are then determined by a movement based on these perceptions so that people do not feel that they are evil, but good. History is perceived by our own cultural prism, just as our perceptions of truth have created the cultural climate of our social constructs of good and evil within society today. Philosophical paradigms are not simply subject to our scope of history or what we may or may not believe about history, but we continue to set our truth in a perception of existence, whether it is real or not.


What tree are we eating from?

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