Perception and Truth

Perception and truth? Do these two words have any correlation? We use these two words together on many occasions and we use them when it comes to how we view existence. In the history of mankind many people have looked for and contemplated the concept of truth. To this day we feel it to be illusive and distant, to be subjected to the constructs of sensuality, which is simply the five senses, what we see, taste, smell, hear, or can touch. We cannot discount our senses, because they were given to us by the One who created all things, and we must hear His voice in order to come to truth. I would say that everyone has heard the phrase that perception is reality, but as we can guess, it seems that we have different opinions on reality itself. Reality has become the circumstance, situation, or environment, that is affecting the five senses of the individual and truth as an objective is overrun by our own perception of what we have determined our reality to be. We all at one time or another have ignored the truth for the perception of the senses, to gain knowledge of our own experiences in an effort to become wise, with the outcome being the product of our environment or situation. Each person’s reality is a direct result of their own pursuit of the knowledge of good and evil and one’s perception through sensuality of what is good an what is evil. It is very difficult for mankind to turn or escape from this pursuit, the whole world is a product of this path and all forms of mankind’s existence whether, social, religious, economic, or political, have constructed each paradigm. Our social engagement is a result of our perception of who we are in society. Our economic structure is a result of our perception within the classifications of our society. Our political ideology is a result of our perception of our ideas of law and authority. Our religious rites are a perception of our own ideas of who God is or if there is a God. Everyone of these perceptions is a direct result of the pursuit of the knowledge of good and evil and we continue to eat its fruit every day wondering why we never have peace or rest! Is mankind capable of perceiving the truth? Absolutely! The question becomes will he let go of his own pursuit of the knowledge of good and evil for the pursuit of the truth? Religion, including “Christian”, for centuries has created an idea of gods and God that sits outside our own reality and perception, and that mankind is either a loathsome character or a being to be pitied and has to be rescued because he has not the ability to perceive and live according to the truth. I believe the narrative of Jesus to be the most interesting because he is the only one who came into the world with a view to repentance, to bring the truth that mankind was created in the image and likeness of the Father and we can exist according to the truth of that narrative.


What tree are you eating from?

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