Mystery Theology

Mystery theology has created the current climate in religion and in the secular world. However, on the one hand we have the community of those opposed to religion in any form, and those who simply oppose Christianity. If we start with the Renaissance, we can see the foundation of the world we live in today with great clarity.

The Christian religion had dominated much of what we call the civilized world, wars and crusades into Palestine, Kings dominating people with some divine ordinance. There was a growing intellectual movement that had begun to shape a cultural ideology that religion did not have all the answers. Mankind has always been looking for the answer to his humanity, without much success.

Abuse of Power

The abuse of Religious power by both the “Church” and the State sent men searching back into the Greco-Roman (or what we would call “classical”) culture and philosophy that had been almost non-existent. Oppression of knowledge by the “Church” began to turn men like Leonardo Da Vinci, the poet Dante Alighieri, artist Michelangelo, and philosopher Machiavelli, against Christianity.

When Jesus came to the Hebrew people their culture had long been adulterated by men who had changed the truth of Yahweh into the religion we know as Judaism. For thousands of years men had accepted the fact that the world was created, and a Being of great power was the cause. But as mankind has adulterated himself in our age, that time was no different and the proliferation of the worship of beings other than the true Creator had adulterated the chosen people as well.

Arch of Titus Menorah
Menorah being removed from Israel by Titus

Truth in Mystery?

Why does the “Christian” religion set our origin and the truth of our existence in mystery? Why is “Christian” theology a study of a being we can never hope to understand or comprehend? I truly believe this is what drove the men of the Renaissance and the Enlightenment into the Roman and Greek ideas of natural philosophy, science, and metaphysics. The works of Aristotle setting the table for the minds of men to seek for themselves an origin without God.

The search continues today for the identity that defines humankind, not only in the scientific world but also in the religious. Many people everyday travel to Eastern countries to seek some enlightenment that will grant them meaning to existence. Searching for an identity that defines the reason for a moral or good life. Christianity sets the table in much the same fashion, morality and rules to define an incomprehensible mystery of existence. How can we see Jesus if we continue to adulterate truth with mystery, and knowledge with vain philosophy? Creating mystery theology!

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