Mind of Rebellion

A mind of rebellion, Adam did not fall from grace! He rebelled against it! There are so many questions about our existence, and it does not come as a shock anymore. For however many thousands of years mankind has been in the earth in his current state of existence it makes sense. I use the term existence because then we must define the existence. According to the nature of state it only produces one form of existence, DEATH! We use the term LIFE very loosely! I find the account of Deuteronomy quite revealing in this way, “I call heaven and earth to record this day against you, that I have set before you life and death, blessing and cursing: therefore choose life, that both thou and thy seed may live:”. (Deut. 30:19)

What is it to fall?

For centuries we have told ourselves that we have fallen and cannot get back up because we are too depraved because of our flesh. But is this truly what happened to the living soul that was set in place to have dominion, subdue, and replenish the earth? What do we understand about the nature of mankind and how do we know what happened to bring us into this current state of existence? The prevailing thought among Christian thinking is that Adam was forgiven his transgression because he repented! I find this thinking somewhat incredulous since we are still within the current state of death. What is interesting to me is when we read about a few men who found “Grace” in the accounts of the Torah and the writings that followed. There was a repentance of how one exists in the earth. Noted by how Jehovah spoke about those individuals.

I believe one of the most compelling points to this thought process is the account of the transgression! Let’s first deal with the fact that the bible itself does not say that Adam and Eve fell! This is language we have used to describe the transgression. Which is what the bible describes the actions of the first couple, a transgression. This is where we have an extreme disconnect from the language of the bible to the language of our Christian Religion. How can you judge any being to death, if the being fell because it was incapable of not falling? When faced with this knowledge of good and evil mankind transgressed. Not only was he not obedient to his Father’s objections and command not to partake, but the attitude that set’s in place this mind of REBELLION!

Seduction and Rebellion

Mind of Rebellion
Good and Evil Decision

I have heard many Christians fancy or position themselves as revolutionaries or rebels! Yet, Jesus was neither! And it was rebellion and revolt that has mankind in his current condition and state of death. Mankind exists within the consequence of his attitude toward what he was created to be! Everything within the cultures of mankind speaks to this way of thinking. Let’s first look at the language of the mind of rebellion. When we encounter the beast of the field that was talking with Eve it says it was more “subtil” (KJV) than any other beast of the field the Lord had made. This word describes cunning and craftiness, which shows a form of intelligence and the ability to speak.

Later in the account we find that the woman said she was “beguiled” (KJV). We have always set ourselves in a place of deception and that it was not our fault because of this deception. But as we see in this word beguiled is the idea of seduction. (Strong’s Ref#H5377) When we look at the ancient Hebrew lexicon there is the definition that brings this into a very real perspective and what we deal with in the world we live in today. You have two pictographs, the first, “seed” representing continuance, and “teeth” representing pressing. Combined these “continual pressing” (AHLB – Jeff Benner).

Changing the Mind of Rebellion

When we read of this account, we are captured by this happening in one moment, maybe only taking one hour or maybe two. The idea of a continual pressing or a constant discussion that convinced her of another way of thinking does not fit within our Christian narrative. After all we were the victims! This was not a moment of poor judgement. It was a rebellion against the truth of Jehovah and his existence. The first couple not only took on this attitude of thinking, they continued in its way! This is evident by the trial that ensued when the Father came to Eden to speak with Adam. First, they were hiding from Jehovah. Then when questioned as to the reason for hiding lied and would not be accountable for their own actions. A mind deceived would not be so stubborn not to let go of what they had done. If I am truly deceived, then my actions would be revealed as such. But there is no deception found in their actions. Only the attitude that has revolted against their existence as given them from Jehovah. The rebellious nature of their thinking continued to be shown with evidence of their own testimony when asked by the Father.

This is the only way death could enter the narrative and into action. While we are guilty of the action the sentence of death was suspended against mankind that day with the intent to reconcile his existence. Not that death did not come, but only after man was given ample opportunity to repent. We all know how that has turned out! We find that the very next narrative we receive is that of Cain and Abel and that not all men have accepted the truth.

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