Language of Good & Evil

As we can see from history the language of mankind has been about the knowledge of good and evil and we continue to dictate and propagate what is good and what is evil within society. What is problematic for mankind is the origin of this language. Good and evil has varied throughout history depending upon which ideological side you choose. To be sure the social constructs have maintained objective anchors for acts of violence toward another person, but to say our social constructs are completely objective within the scope of ideological thought would be disingenuous, to use a phrase of our culture today. The political, social, and religious ideologies are struggling for the control of the minds of mankind, not for truth and justice, but for what they consider to be power. We understand that power is knowledge, and if we hold the power, then we get to dictate what is good and what is evil. This is exactly what is happening right now in the U. S. I find it fascinating that Western civilization spent more than forty years working to defeat the Marxist Socialist agenda in the world, we called it the Cold War, only to allow it to overwhelm their own society. Our pursuit of knowledge has one purpose, for the strength and power to exist in the earth by our determination of what is good and what is evil.


What tree are we eating from?

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