Language as We Know It

Young Man Thinking
What do we truly Know?

Throughout history language has been a barrier that has kept the nations of men separated, because language is more than a dialect or common tongue. Language is the mode by which culture is developed and social, political, and economic ideology is formed to create a kingdom or nation. We see this within the scope of the world today! Culture has been shaped by the language which is the ideology that has set the course of the people within that nation. Many of these cultures still hold to concepts that go back thousands of years, no matter how modern we have become.

Language of the West

I think about this when I read the bible and consider the thousands of denominational and cultural concepts that drive “Christianity” today. Not to mention the religious concepts that drive many of the cultures throughout the world. What has shaped the minds of men and set us on this course to create kingdoms and nations in the earth? How do the nations of the world hold such power over multiplied thousands of people? Why is there a constant antagonism that sets men at odds with one another?

Genesis - Finger of God
The mystery between God and Man.

The world of men in the earth is a set of cultural concepts that continue to break and fracture into another cultural concept determined to be better than its predecessor. There are two distinct concepts that divide the world, the Eastern and Western ideas of existence. Today the Western concept is the dominate presence in the world melding the concepts of Roman government and Greek Philosophy with the religious concepts of “Christianity”. This has also spawned the more secular or humanist concepts that we see in the Progressive and Socialistic ideas of existence.

Language of the East

The Eastern concepts that are still prevalent in what we call the 2nd and 3rd world countries have these ideological concepts that are earlier than Rome and Greece except for Islam. Many of the customs and the culture of the East are very different than western society and continue to keep the two sides far apart even though we embrace one another. The religions of the East such as Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism, Shenism, and Taoism, are very unfamiliar to those of us in the West.

Arch of Titus Menorah
Menorah being removed from Israel by Titus

But, the language of the world’s nations is vain (empty), void of meaning, movement, and life. No language of men has been enough to bring truth and meaning to the world, to bring life and peace. Instead the language continues to be divisive while speaking unity, which characterizes exactly the understanding of language, which encompasses more than just the tongue. The Lord said of Israel that “they praise me with their lips (speech), but their heart’s (minds) are far from me.” (REF)

A Reflection

We hear people speak in our public forums about truth, life, liberty, but their minds do not reflect the rhetoric that proceeds from their lips. We continually see an attitude of rebellion and revolution, discord and unrest, and yet we are told we are united in the cause for life and truth. The history of mankind does not provide us with a language that will bring life and truth to people. What I do know is that Jesus brought the language of creation into the world and provided us a way to see truth and life and the manner of the image and likeness of our creator. He said this is what mankind was intended to be! The language of Jesus is truth and we are all witnesses to the fact that he not only spoke, but the words he spoke were what was in his mind. A reflection of his entire being!

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