Image and Perception

The nations and kingdom’s in the earth today is based on a image and perception, what we see happening in the world of men is a war for the control of that perception of existence. It is not an answer to life or truth! It is simply the continued attempt to define the knowledge of good and evil through his own imagination.

The Perception of Existence

These two words “image and perception” set in place the tumultuous movement of man in the earth. I am very aware that there are those who do not believe in a creation. There are also those who believe in an evolutionary creation. I find it worth noting that when Jehovah set his mind to the confusing of language at Babel. He said that “nothing would be restrained from them, which they have imagined to do.” Gen. 11:6

perception of our image of the world
The perception of our Image

The key component in this context is said earlier in the verse. The people are “one” and they have all “one” language! At this point we can deduce that there was only one dialect or form of speech. But that is only the communicative form of language. The more important part of language is that everyone has the same mind or concept of existence. They were all of one mind in their idea of existence. Therefore, it was manifested in the day to day lives and how they set their political, economic, and socio-religious structure.

What can we imagine

The word imagine is a form of the word image. The famous song from John Lennon “imagine”, asks the question what did Mr. Lennon imagine to do? Redefine how we exist in the earth! When the image of man Is defined by his own perception, what he has imagined existence to be. Then we have come to truly know what the tree of knowledge of good and evil is about. How do we define a good person? How do we define an evil idea or nation? Very seldom do we use the word “evil” when talking about an individual. If we do then we might have to imagine ourselves in a similar perception.

The words eternal, absolute, truth, what do they mean in the scope of men’s perception of his own image? When you have no reference to God, then how do you imagine yourself ungodly? When religion sets the perception of God within the scope of its own image, the adherent takes on the image of the religion and not God.

There are 3 dominant religions in the world with a few others that also bring their concepts to bear on a global stage. You must understand that Judaism is one of the most well-known, while being one of the smallest in adherents. Christianity, Hinduism, and Islam are the three dominant ideologies regarding God. What is interesting is that Folk Religions and Buddhism have a larger population than Judaism and those listed as non-affiliated (Agnostic or Atheist) are third behind Christianity and Islam.

Just Another Image

What does this tell us about our existence? Yes, I place Christianity within the scope of religion, but I personally do not believe in religion. Nor do I believe that Jesus was sent into the world to institute the “Christian religion”. Religion is another imagination of men and their continued attempt to define themselves while holding onto some universal context beyond the terrestrial. Even those who choose not to believe in God or a higher being define themselves by a universal concept that the universe itself spawned the human existence through this evolutionary force of chance and time.

What we are seeing in our current climate is the extremes of mankind’s attempts to bring the world back to this same point as we see in the account of Babel. One image and one language. Making the Creator of all life non-existent, evil, or dysfunctional as it pertains to the necessity of a universal higher being to define our existence.

In all these instances the socio-religious context of our ideologies is what is binding us to our political and economic concepts of our existence. The problem is finding an absolute truth with any kind of eternal value. The Christianity of the Western thought and culture was adulterated by the Roman system and has fractured and splintered into denominations all based on the Roman culture of Christianity.

Without the image of Jehovah and the likeness of his being, we are simply actors on a stage trying to reform an existence that was stolen through rebellion and does not belong to us.

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