Identity, The Crisis of Existence

Identity, the crisis of existence has been debated and discussed throughout the recorded history of man, and is truth subjectively found in oneself, or is truth an objective outside of oneself. For an external objective truth to be firmly planted it is necessary for it to be rooted deep into the mind, there it gains its growth in the fact that we are truly convinced of its existence. Now, the question becomes what is the truth, and how do I know who I am?

To truly be autonomous as a being.

This argument reflects the lack of knowledge that man holds concerning existence altogether. The question cannot be answered within this debate. It suffers from the fact that we are subject to an objective that mankind has long since turned his mind away from, and searches for an existence of his own. To truly be autonomous as a being there can be no subjective or objective, you are free to simply be whatever you choose to be, no matter what you are. Truth no longer matters because you are free to be! You are no longer beholden to another’s image of truth; you create your own truth.

We talk a great deal about identity, and how we identify ourselves within the context of society, family, and work. No one truly wants to be told who they are anymore or how to behave and forget about the parent being any type of role model. I find a great deal of hypocrisy within the world concerning these ideas and how we approach the idea of identity in society.

Truth and existence
Identity, the Crisis of Existence.

Allowing children to determine identity!

In years gone past our schools were filled with the echoes of the pledge of allegiance, God, country, and family. Today we allow the children to find their own way and determine their own identity. You may say this is good and we should allow a five-year old with little to know understanding of what is true and what is not true to come to their own conclusions. But as I have pointed out this is what must happen for man to become free to create his own image.

Objective or subjective ideas no longer fit within the context of the social construct and the foundation of existence not subjected to any one idea, but the idea that you can be free to be as you created yourself. If in fact, our origin is a mystery and an unclear objective then why can’t we build it from our own idea?  This also destroys any moral argument, and morality can be subjective due to the state of existence.

The crisis of existence.

This my friends is the Adam Syndrome on full display, and we continue to imagine a vain thing. (Psalms 2:1) We instruct our youth to contemplate their own identity without limits and with no need to relate your being with another’s. Then we tell everyone within the social construct they must relate to one another and understand each other’s existence and allow them to be who they are. Yet without a relatable understanding of another how can one truly know another person?  

We are taking the foundation of existence out of any relatable construct and making the nature of truth unrelatable. A child is told to set their own identity and yet they cannot even relate to the people that brought them into the world! We have successfully taken the truth of identity out of Christianity, and Secular society to build our own idea of a new world free from limits. A truly autonomous being!

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