How are we Saving the World?

I was reading a blog by a popular and well know ministry, the blog was about one of the current topics that has faced mankind long before we arrived on the scene. How are we saving the world? It is interesting to me how Americans view the world at large. To be sure there is a great amount of poverty in what we have deemed “Third-World” countries. Yet we ignore the issues of poverty and devastation in our own backyards! Has anyone seen Flint, Michigan these days? Not only is it impoverished but the water is toxic as well.

The writer opens the blog talking about the country of Brazil being wealthy both geographically and culturally but has some of the greatest poverty in the world. Whenever I read about these things it makes me think about “Christianity”! Who is changing who? We come back from these places and we say that they have changed us! I thought the point was making the change in their lives! We always talk about how happy they are in their poverty, and the writer makes a point to ponder who was making a difference in who? Are we so naïve?

Christianity build on a Facade

I believe we are! Our “Christianity” is built on a façade, that has no real value to helping us understand the world around us. We hide our own shortcomings and we watch the so-called leaders of our “faith” commit suicide. It is no wonder people talk of being transformed when we see other parts of the world and don’t know how to process what we are seeing. I remember my first trip into a culture far different than my own. Traveling on horseback and walking through dense forest to arrive at a village in the middle of nowhere. What was interesting was I did not ask myself the questions about how they have so little, or why I had so much!

Categorizing the World

The answer is very plain, the United States is somewhat unique in the world. The other part of that equation is it has simply set itself above all the others. After WW II we made sure that we stayed at the top of the order so that we could dictate our ideology to the rest of the world. This is why there are 1st, 2nd, and 3rd world countries. The winners of the war divided the nations of the world into categories and it has been that way ever since. It is not shocking to me to see other parts of the world and the way people live. It is the way they have lived for centuries and has been part of their custom and culture long before the United States was conceived.

How do we Evangelize

This has nothing to do with our concepts of morality, or social justice that we have championed over the past one hundred years. We have set ourselves in the role of morality police and our Judeo-Christian ethics and ideology should be implemented by these governments. This is how we “evangelize” in these countries today! We look more and more like the Crusaders of Rome than we do the Apostles of Jesus. Our own arrogance has blinded us to these same realities within the borders of our own country. We are not crusaders or revolutionaries! We are simply those who have heard the calling of repentance and accepted the truth of existence. This calling has set us apart for the purpose of continuing to call out to those who are sick, who are blind, deaf, lame, and poor.

How are we going into these countries? With what mindset are we bringing, “Christianity”? How are we saving the world?

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