Hope for the Next Generation?

We say we want to give hope to the next generation, but we set no expectation. We say we need change for the future, but repentance is not in our vocabulary. There is no hope without first setting an expectation, but what should we expect? The adage, “the more things change, the more they stay the same”, is the reflection of our societies unwillingness to repent. The language that men speak in whatever dialect of the nation they were born, carries the adversarial concept of the knowledge of good and evil. When men speak of change, are they speaking of a completely different origin of existence, of government, economics, or social order? Even when they are speaking of change concerning the order of society to meet another’s world view, what does that take to completely overhaul the current system in place? How do you bring every mind into the same world view? Why does the language of the knowledge of good and evil carry a tone of rebellion? Men of power continue to preach hope and change in order to bring society to a singular concept of what is good and what is evil, even when the knowledge is incomplete and fails to answer the question of origin and life. Why does mankind exist in this constant state of revolution and rebellion? As we look over the landscape of the nation’s today, we see a constant state of turmoil provoked by the knowledge of good and evil pitting one ideology against another for the control of the social construct. The problem is that our language of change has not changed, nor has it changed our society into one that brings a hope for the future. Does it speak to life and the eternity of existence? Why is it that men accept the narrative that death is simply our fate, or a part of life? We speak of building a society for our children’s children, but will they have the same language of existence as we do today, or will they still be talking of change? We build our society on the idea that our children will be better than we are today, but if our language does not hold the wisdom of truth concerning existence how can we hope that our social constructs will change the future for the better? There is a narrative that speaks a language of change and of existence without death that sets in place an expectation of existence that has a hope of something better. Most men leave this language in the realm of religious, mythical, or spiritual pursuits and they sit outside of knowledge and reason, while the social constructs continue to be built by the knowledge of good and evil and to date has been inadequate to answer the questions of existence. They continue to seek after the single elegant equation to answer the origin of life and unlock the truth of existence. We have great difficulty talking about the Genesis narrative, for most it only survives in the mythical religious context of allegory and has become part of the folk lore of western civilization. Repentance is not rebellion, nor is all change repentance without the true expectation set in place that shows mankind the truth of life.


What tree are we eating from?

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