Free Will & Doctrine

Doctrine is always a difficult subject because there are many different teachings and different variations of the same teaching. How do we understand “will” in the context of relationship to the Father of all creation? Most of “Christianity” in our age hangs their hat on philosophy for the defense or argument that ensues when discussing this topic. The basic meaning of the word philosophy is, “the love of knowledge.” Our pursuit of knowledge has been skewed since the first couple took occasion to believe that knowledge by itself could give them the keys to a kingdom of their own. Isn’t this what we are doing right now in the earth, trying to unlock the door to a social order so that we can say, ”look what my hands have made!”? “Will” is not something that happens in a moment or when we need something and should not be bent out of its character for a moment or a need. I do not adhere to the philosophical or doctrinal context in which men have placed the ideas of predestination, fate, or free will, they are all an exercise in the knowledge of good and evil. Mankind lives within the context of the tree he eats from, the knowledge of good and evil and has no relationship to the Father of life. We spend each day desperately trying to figure out what is good and what is evil, and we are all still dying! In fact, when we have decided what is good, we usually set about to put those to death whom we deem as evil and call it God’s will. It is interesting to note that Jesus, when tempted in the desert, was given the opportunity to have rule over all the kingdoms of the earth and his answer did not include a kingdom. He simply answered him with worship and service. We have this notion that God is building a kingdom, but the fact is that the kingdom of the Lord exists and has always existed. Everything that we are as a being, and the conduct of our existence has already been determined by the one who created us from the earth. Yet we go about everyday like nothing has been determined, and there are no answers for how we are trying to live. The world sets about to continue its building of kingdoms whether secular or religious and we will not let go of the seduction that is the knowledge of good and evil. “Will” has been established, and it was established in Jehovah long before he created mankind. Here is where we sit at the crux of relational existentialism, and will we accept the truth of existence or continue to forge a kingdom of our own knowledge of good and evil?


What Tree Are We Eating From?

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