Father’s Day

As we finish our Father’s Day weekend the crisis of identity is fully shown. We buy cards with words written by total strangers to give to our Dad. We wish we could relate to our father, and in many cases, we want to, but we have no real foundation. How many of our relationships are built on superficial moments, and our conversations never reach a point where we can truly know our Dad?

Being Like Our Dad!

This has been happening since the first man created to be a son to his Father, broke off the relationship and chose not to be part of his Father’s household. How many of us truly want to be like our Dad? Our psychologists speak to this at every level, yet we continue to run from this very fundamental concept, we were made in the image and likeness of our Father.

The problem is that man has forgotten his identity and the image and likeness that was given to him by right, was taken because of transgression. The broken relationship between Father and Son has been at the crux of every relational issue since the beginning. Our Christian religion does nothing to help the restoration process by continuing to keep the relationship in some mystery theology.

The Inability to Understand Our Existence

Therefore, we are kept in the dark concerning Jesus and his work of redemption. We have created the same contextual concept of any other religion that has been on the face of the earth. The Gods being something beyond our comprehension and our Hero’s being sent to rescue man from himself. Our sacrifices meant only to appease an angry Deity that wants to destroy us.

Most Father/Son relationships are not built on identity, understanding of image and likeness. They are built through fear, judgement, and punishment, and this is what we call love. What this truly creates is resentment, feelings of inadequacy, and an unfulfilled identity that leaves the son in crisis, unable to understand his own existence.

Relationship that is Relatable!

We have not answered this question in the Church because we have taken Jesus out of a true understanding of his Sonship, as Paul called it. Making him a hero, and a Deity that we cannot relate to as a brother that can show us how to relate to our Father in his image and likeness. Only when we take Jesus out of this ethereal mystery theology will we be able to understand repentance and ultimately our redemption, that will repair our image and likeness as our Father created us to be!  

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