Eternity is Today

We have no patient for the eternal purpose, we always look at something in our finite ability and we rush ourselves through the day.  I only have so much time to get the work of the Lord finished and the Word of the Lord out to the masses.  No!  We have an eternity!  I know this sounds strange to us because of the limits we have, but the Father is limitless.  We say this, but truly do not practice this concept. 

Eternity is Today
Eternity is Today!

Mankind is shackled!

We are always looking beyond the day that we have within our hands. Eternity is today, not tomorrow! Mankind is so shackled by his linear thinking, the difficulty of simply existing in the day is almost beyond comprehension. Because of this the day overwhelms us by time rather than simply existing in the day as it was given to us by the Father.

We think of eternity as stretching out on a straight line moving beyond what we can see or even think of seeing. But the reality is that eternity resides only in the day in which we exist. We are always trying to see something beyond the day and looking for prophecy of the future. This is how we miss what is right in front of our faces.

Understanding that eternity is today!

We have our minds so far in the future that we can’t see Jesus today, and from sunset to sunset what do we have to give? Did we seek out the Father’s kingdom today, because after all tomorrow has not even arrived and isn’t there enough for us to do today? How can we understand this concept of eternity when we are living beyond the day?

We must come to a place of eternity in every aspect of our being, and that eternity is today! Do not be anxious for anything or run after what may lie in the future. (Matthew 6:25-34) We must simply exist today and set our minds to accomplishing what the day has for us, because that my friends, is eternity!

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