Do We think about not Sinning?

Why can’t we stop sinning? Do we think about not sinning? It is always great to talk about things that are encouraging, and we should be strengthen by the words or our Lord Jesus! As believers we are facing an ever-increasing world view that is taking away our identity as beings created in the image and likeness of the Father.

Bold & Loud Does Not Mean Angry!

I cannot help but think about how we have come to a place where we do not challenge this world view and speak as loud and as bold as our opposition in the love of Jesus Christ! Just because we speak bold and loud does not mean it is in anger or with hatred! We can speak with passion and love concerning the world view that has taken our children under its ideology and is destroying their identity.

Reading the Bible w/Flashlighty
Do we know how to stop sinning?

Sin is simply the ideology of a mind that has rebelled against the truth of existence, the mark that was set in place at creation. The consequence of the action of rebellion. Until we address the rebellion and begin to war against that ideology, defining our own existence, we will not be able to stop sinning. Children are born every day into this rebellion, but we continue down this way that is broad with a very wide gate that leads to destruction.

Rarely Do We Disciple

It is truly this simple, but! We have complicated the good news of Jesus Christ with our denominational arguments and doctrinal confessions of communion. Others have simplified the good news by only preaching the message and then moving on leaving those who have heard to their own end. How can we abandon a baby when they have just been born again? Or we leave them in the care of some denomination, and they join the doctrine and arguments.

We have a great disdain when we hear of a baby being found left in a trash can, in the woods, abandon by the people who had brought the child into this world. We are to go into all the world and preach the good news to all creatures! But, rarely do we disciple a new-born believer, because discipleship has been defined as only to those who would be going into the “ministry”! We have left the sheep to be shepherded (pastored) but no disciplined!

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