Determinism & Philosophy

In every age mankind is determined to set in place his own rule of existence, the standard by which all who are in the earth should follow. We in the “Christian” view call this free will, I simply see it as transgression. The argument in philosophy says that free will is an outcome of deterministic thinking based on moral responsibility. The issue I have with this type of thinking is that it still resides in the knowledge of good and evil! My point has always been that mankind cannot stop eating from that tree and the knowledge that proceeds from that mindset is evident, because it always is based on what is good or what is evil. Since our creation man has never been at liberty to choose his own destiny. In fact, Jesus made it abundantly clear that a man will serve one of two masters. It is recorded in the accounts of the good news by Matthew and Luke, no man can serve two masters, either they will hate the one and love the other or hold to the one or despise the other. (Mat. 6:24; Luke 16:13) This brings us to a great question that I believe does not get much attention. How are we FREE? I believe one of the greatest evidences in all the accounts given us in the N.T. is Jesus and his statements concerning “will”. That he was not in the earth to do his own will but the will of the Father. If you believe that Jesus pre-existed the question becomes, did he have a different will when he was not in the earth? Our thinking is skewed because of the Greek and Latin doctrines that have twisted the good news into something that it was never meant to be. If Adam was truly at liberty to choose (free will) why was there a negative consequence? The answer to that question then becomes, because it was evil! How many people in the earth right now do not steal, murder, curse, or break laws? People we would say are decent upstanding citizens. According to our definition of evil, what was evil about what Adam and Eve did in the garden? In our day and age, they would not be looked at with any disdain, in fact, we tell our children all the time to break out and go your own way, you do not have to go the same way as your parents. What is evil about that? We have a skewed world view when it comes to what is determined or not determined. When the foundation is the knowledge of good and evil, then free will can and will rule the minds of men and the life the Father determined for mankind is set aside and death is the inevitable outcome.


What Tree Are We Eating From?

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