Crisis of Identity

An interesting revelation has come to mind while I have been researching “Crisis of Identity”. In all my study of the many early church fathers, and men who have come since, have approached the gospel from the viewpoint of a philosophical and/or doctrinal discipline. I have wondered for many years why this approach was the pervasive context for the establishment of what we call orthodoxy, or evangelicalism, depending on their denominational choice.

Is Believing God is Real Enough?

They all sincerely believe that God is real. But, as they analyze mankind and his crisis of identity, the arguments of apologetics, and the academic research of biblical studies, one thing stands out! We do not know how to relate to Jehovah as a person/being, and they have set Jesus within the same category. Because of this disconnect, there is no other way to relate other than the same tools man has tried to use to determine his own existence.

When people argue about spirit and flesh beings, everything goes off the rails, and we have been off the rails for centuries, even thousands of years. Why does it make Jehovah less to say he has a singular physical form? I have never believed he can take whatever physical form he so chooses, that is a mythical concept of gods that has permeated throughout the history of mankind and has found its way into Christian Doctrine.

Jehovah and Jesus in Reality.

Jehovah is not a spirit, in the classical concept of men, He is Spirit in the nature of mental capacity that knows all knowledge, and the word spirit is simply a way of understanding how that knowledge is conveyed through the blowing of wind, or as the breath carries His word from his mind to our mind.

We have adulterated the very Being of Jehovah in every way, and we have twisted the person of Jesus in the same fashion. Because of this we have no real way to relate to either person and therefore we are left to defending our position from an unrelatable relationship, and the mystery continues.   

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