Building the House from the right Foundation!

The process of building the house from the right foundation starts with a sound plan. Without these two things there is no vision or direction for the structure to be completed. Everything that goes into building a house cannot be completed out of order. Now, if we do not pour the proper foundation there is no way to construct the house according to the plan.

Is the Church Thriving?

Some years ago, my Dad (Robert French) did a study concerning the Church, and the house that religion has built. Why is it crumbling around our ears, as some research seems to indicate, and why is there decay and dysfunction? These are questions being asked today. However, there are those who would tell you that the church is thriving. So, what is the truth?

According to the Bible, sometime in the late first century (according to scholars) Jesus came to a man named John who was one of the disciples that followed him while he was in the earth and gave John some information to pass along to the rest of the church. We spend most of our time reading this letter about the coming destruction and prophetic second coming. Yet, the most important part of the information is in the first 4 chapters where Jesus speaks to the congregations of believers in seven cities.

The Plan from the Beginning

If our dates are somewhere close to being correct, this is coming to these people some sixty years after Jesus had ascended to the Father’s right hand. Now I am not a pessimist or a realist, or any other ist or ism, I am simply looking at the fact that it did not take us very long to corrupt the nature of what Jesus had come to give. There was a plan form the beginning that was sound and had a solid foundation.

We only look at the house of Jehovah as a matter of some structure as we would build a house or building. But, the nature of the house of Jehovah concerns his creation as it pertains to his son. We were constructed in the image and likeness of the Father and without understanding the blue prints there is no way to pour the proper foundation. This is why we need to see Jesus as he was created and for the purpose for which he was sent into the world.

Completion of our Existence as our Father is complete.

We only see this from a foundation poured from the Greek and Roman Christian doctrines. Jesus was poured out from the foundations of creation, the Second man Adam, and he came to show us the blue prints that lead us to understand the foundation for the completion of our existence as our Father is complete.   

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