Are We Supposed to Hold Hands and Sing?

Are we supposed to hold hands and sing “Amazing Grace” or “Ava Maria” and ignore the cancer that continues to destroy the message of the good news? Are we supposed to continue to preach the good news in whatever fashion we have determined is the right denomination of Christianity? After all Paul said that, “never-the-less, the good news is preached”. The trouble with writing concerning these types of subjects is the inevitable statement, “your right and everybody else is wrong”!

No Grandchildren in the Kingdom of Heaven

I was raised in the home of parents that were devoted to the administration of the good news in evangelism, pastoring, discipleship, with the evidence of the gifts in operation. Still I allowed myself to walk away from the message of Jesus the Anointed One. When I came to my senses and realized that I had been shown the only true way, I picked up the phone and called my Mother. It was then that I made the decision to be a new creature. As my Dad always said there are no Grandchildren in the Kingdom of Heaven.

The Family of Jehovah
The Family of Jehovah

The one thing that has always been in my mind is the idea that I am not different than any other person on the planet, minus the man made cultural differences of our country and heritage that keep us divided. Why should anyone pay attention to what I have to say? Now, for the first time in my life I started reading the bible! Yeah! That’s right I grew up in the home of ministers and had not taken the time to read the bible! From my experience and talking with others like me, who have been raised in the “Christian” home. It’s is not that we were not encouraged to read the bible, and given a bible of our own, and given the understanding that it carries the message of Jesus Christ! At this point we are all subject to the pursuit of the way! But which way? Jesus, Christian Religion, or whatever form of spiritualism, and/or some secular route?

The “True Church”

Some of us are given the choice of which Christianity we want to follow, others are born into their “Christianity” and raised in it as a part of their life. We don’t talk much about the WAR that raged within “Christianity” that destroyed the lives of many people. We don’t talk about the WAR waged by “Christianity” against people of other cultures that did not follow the “Christian” religion. There are those today who try to bridge the denominations of Orthodoxy, Catholicism, and Protestantism, in all their different forms throughout the world. While the debate rages concerning the “TRUE” Church, there are people scattered throughout the world sitting every day thinking about what it means to be human! Let alone a follower of Jesus.

Truth and existence
Identity, the Crisis of Existence.

You might ask if this is an accurate assessment? First, I don’t believe that I am much different than anyone else in the world. I think most of us whether wealthy or poor, powerful or weak in position, we are all pretty much Joe Shmoes! Fame is fleeting, power is unsustainable, and wealth will end when they lower the box into the ground and cover it with dirt. Today we see the world at large in vivid HD Ultra 4K! How do we understand the good news of Jesus and disseminate this message without the prejudice of Religion? We have sent men and women to seminary or bible college, which ever title you prefer, to disciple them to the ministry. What we have done is discipline those people to the denominational concept of the “Christian” religion and the cancer continues to grow.

Do Categories determine your station?

We have separated the saints into categories which has determined your station. I wonder if you need to attend the local bible college to be a Barista at the coffee shop in the local church building. “Christian” religious ministry has become just another occupation within the scope of our culture, another means to an end. I have never been to seminary, but I have attended college. I have never been through a denominational discipleship program, but I have sat with many people to study the good news of Jesus. What does this make me? Do I have a calling? Am I simply a lay person? Are we supposed to hold hands and sing?

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