Am I A Good Person?

Am I a good person? This is a question asked on many occasions, not only about ourselves, but we contemplate this of one another. Are they a good person? What makes a good person? The question of the ages! And still we have no real empirical evidence for an answer to this equation.

What makes us a good person
Finding truth in existence!

Being a Good Person

As believers and followers of Christ how are we to relate to an idea of being a good person when there is no contextual concept within the scope of our doctrine and instructions. Many of the Protestant denominations instruct that being good can only be achieved in you by an outside force that comes inside you and provides the good in you because you yourself are not good.

What Makes us a Good Person

Many other forms of orthodoxy put as many good works to use in order to show themselves good and avoid any unpleasantness of a purgatory that keeps you bound up until there are enough good works done on your behalf by the living to get you out. But does simply giving to the poor or living a life in poverty, or going to a third world country and living with them in their condition make us good?

In the latter part of the 19th century the movement of holiness or Pentecostalism gave rise to a spiritual encounter that shook off these forms of “Christianity”, but have they answered the question that we seek after?

Recently a Pastor of a six-thousand-member church in southern California took his own life! They have said he was suffering from “mental health” issues. What are we doing??

Issues of Being a Good Person

We have been dealing with issues such as these since Jesus ascended to the Father’s right hand, but we have come no closer to the answer. In fact, we have gone in the other direction, giving ourselves no understanding of how to relate in a real way to the truth, that Jesus is the life! We still do not know what that means.

We endlessly debate with the atheists and the agnostics, over proof that “God” exists, while the church’s in America figure out more inventive ways to be more secular and popular with the mainstream of social movement.

All the while we have no idea how to relate as a person to Jesus and the good that has been shown to us concerning our Father. Just because we give someone food and clothing does not make us good. Gathering ourselves together in a building, we call a church, does not make us good.

What does it mean to be a good person?

So, what does it mean to be a good person? We have been unable to answer this question because of the instruction from those who would hide the truth for their own power and control over people. The corruption and prostitution of the “church” started in the days of the Apostles and we are bearing the full measure of its fruit in our world today.

You therefore must be perfect, as your heavenly Father is perfect. (Matthew 5:48) This is a statement Jesus made one day sitting on the side of a hill while speaking to many thousands of Hebrews. We have failed to recognize perfection and how that relates to us, and our relationship to Jesus. Today everything and everyone says you cannot be perfect, and yet this is what Jesus said about being a person!

We have destroyed the understanding of perfection, and therefore destroyed any real opportunity of understanding how to relate to Jesus, let alone our Father who created us in his image and likeness. How can I relate to a Perfectly Good being when I am told that it is impossible? If perfection and goodness only reside in a being that is, unimaginable, inconceivable, incomprehensible, intangible, and invisible, it is no wonder we are in this condition.  

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