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Power + Attitude = Performance is the equation we have found that fits withing the scope of the message of Jesus the Anointed One. Many organizations at their founding start out with a Vision statement, and a Mission statement, setting the foundation and focus moving forward. This is a common practice among all business and commercial enterprise in the world. These statements become the definition of the company and help build the culture by which all officers and employees alike are measured. This makes me wonder why we as followers of Jesus, when beginning an endeavor find it necessary to create a new vision and mission statement. Jesus set that vision and mission in his Word spoken two millennia ago and set in motion the culture necessary for all men to follow in order to come to the knowledge of the truth. In confessing Jesus as Lord, holding his Word as the truth of Life, we have been given a vision, endued with power, to fulfill the purpose of God in the earth.

Power + Attitude = Performance

Meet the Team

It is a pleasure working with a great bunch of people, and here they are!

For the About Us Page

Robert & Sandra French

Founder & Chairman

Robert and Sandra have had the privilege of ministering throughout the world. Today, Robert continues to write, teach, and minister as Pastor of Balanced Life Christian Fellowship & Chairman of RAF Ministries.

Brian and Stephanie

Brian & Stephanie French

Board Member

Brian & Stephanie have continued to work within the ministry, supporting, writing, and teaching as Associate Pastor of Balanced Life Christian Fellowship & a member of the Board of Directors for RAF Ministries.

Guy and LeAnn

Guy & Leann Werre


Guy has been President of RAF Ministries since 2008, and LeAnn has been contributing to the ministry through her work with Women of Courage.


Greg & Pam Hansen


Greg has been the treasurer of RAF Ministries since 2008, and Pam leads our music team for our congregation.

Thank you for Supporting our ministry

Our hope is that RAF Ministries is a blessing to your everyday, helping you discover the truth of Jesus in your life!