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Love life give Jesus brings into view the ministry of Robert and Sandra French. Please take some time to look through the Ministry below. It will help you understand how messages, such as Power + Attitude = Performance, the Four Fundamental Laws of Balance, have shaped our lives. Building in us the ability to love life give Jesus. We are continuing to enhance the ministry with the Genesis Narrative and the Adam Syndrome. How we are Changing the Dialogue and our look at Language and Creation. How these topics continue to bring us the Food necessary for love and life, so that we can give Jesus!


Robert & Sandra French

Robert and Sandra have had the privilege of ministering throughout the world. Today, Robert continues to write, teach, and minister as Pastor of Balanced Life Christian Fellowship & Chairman of RAF Ministries.

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About Us

Power + Attitude = Performance is simply understood for learning to balance our lives in Christ. Brother French has used this message many times over the years.

Power – The Knowledge of the Father is greater than any knowledge of man, and it is found in his Word!

Attitude – We have to use this knowledge with the right attitude and understanding.

Performance – With Power and Attitude working in connection with one another our lives perform as Jesus set the path before us to walk toward the Father.

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This page is dedicated to food for life balanced living made simple! The Lord's word renewing the mind so that our existence reflects the nature and character exhibited in Jesus.

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